Alli Jo is a pro! She taught both my overconfident 4 year old and my very cautious 2 year old to swim last summer. I was impressed with how she managed all the kids' personalities at lessons. My son was not listening well and she really stayed on him to persist and accomplish the goals she had of swimming across the pool and taking breaths. My 2 year old only made it through half the lesson each day for the first week but with Alli Jo's patience and encouragement she hit her stride by day 4 and by day 8 was jumping in the pool with a huge smile and swimming like a fish. We're so thankful for Alli Jo making our kids watersafe and for building their confidence by setting and accomplishing swimming goals we didn't think were possible so young. -Rose L., San Diego, CA

I couldn't be happier with the swim lessons my 3 & 4 year old boys got from Alli Jo!  They were so scared to go underwater and I didn't know what to do to help them overcome it.  Alli Jo to the rescue!!!! In her 2 week class she taught them both to swim completely on their own.  It was an amazing thing to watch.  She gained their trust and pushed them little by little each day to get results.  Most importantly she loved on my kids and made it FUN!  I really don't think I could have found a better swim instructor.  She has truly been a blessing to our family.  Having my boys know how to swim and be safe in the water is life changing.  If you are researching swim schools, trust me, this is the one you need to choose! -Kyleen B., Alpine, CA

Alli Jo is awesome!  She is great with the kids and the results speak for themselves.. our kids have turned into fishes who LOVE to show off their swimming and diving to everyone.  I highly recommend her swim lessons!  My kids were very sad when the lessons ended and that realized that she wasn't coming back the next week. -Jim O., Mount Helix, CA

I had been wanting to get my children in swimming lessons ever since moving to San Diego, and I kept hearing raving reviews from friends whose children went to Alli Jo's Swim School. So I signed my kids up. Let me tell you, Alli Jo does not disappoint! She is so incredibly intuitive and immediately discerned the difference in personality between my four year old and my 20 month old, and seamlessly shifted back and forth between my two kids, adjusting her approach to accommodate each child's individual bent and needs. She knew just how far to push them, while still maintaining their trust in her and their dignity. I was so incredibly proud to have two little ones who were swimming, and knew basic safety procedures with water in only two short weeks! - Stephanie L., San Diego, CA

All I can say is wow! Alli Jo is an amazing swim teacher. I watched my nephew and niece learn things my kids didn't learn until much later. At 2 years Old niece can swim the length of their pool by her self and take breaths on her own. She no longer uses arm floaties. They swim like fish! -Kathy F., El Cajon, CA

Our two year old in one week went from not knowing how to swim to swimming across the pool and taking a breath by herself. Also, Alli Jo taught her what to do if she fell in or was pushed into the pool. Best money ever spent! My daughter still talks about how Alli Jo taught her how to be safe and how to swim. -Rob B., East Village, San Diego, CA

All I can say is wow, Alli Jo Rocks! We took our reluctant five year old to swim school with Alli Jo. On the first day of class I had never been more embarrassed by my own child's behavior in my life. She was literally hanging on to Alli and freaked out by the water. Alli so lovingly and patiently worked with my daughter and the transformation was nothing short of miraculous to say the least. By the end of swim school our once water terrified girl was swimming the length of the pool on her own. This has not only provided a sense of safety and assurance for myself that she will not become a drowning statistic, but also has been instrumental in building self confidence in my girl. Thank you Alli Jo! -Matt T., El Cajon, CA