Q: There are so many swim schools in San Diego, what makes your school unique?

A: The model of our school is more like a two-week bootcamp of swim lessons rather than an on-going class spread out over many months (or years).  We've had so many conversations with San Diego parents that were frustrated with the weekly swim lessons that went on and on for years with very little progress.  Our goal is to absolutely maximize what your child can do at their age.  Kids forget what they've learned if they're only attending a class once a week.  We've found much more is accomplished with intensive lessons.  Yes, it's a time commitment for those two weeks! But your calendar will thank you in the long run! Plus, pool parties are much more fun when you are confident in your child's skills. 

Q: Do you teach private or group lessons? 

A: Both!  Adults and older children lessons are private only. We trust you in knowing your child and whether group or private lessons are best for them! We are happy to talk this through with you to find the best fit. You might not see photos of adult lessons on our website since it’s a more personal experience, but we LOVE teaching adults and do it often!

Q: Where are the lessons?

A:  Our headquarters is a heated pool near Mount Helix. And when we say heated, it's 90 degrees! We have grown so much over the last few years that we now offer travel lessons in your pool. We have instructors that will come to you for the same cost as lessons in our pool. Please note, it needs to be heated. Everyone learns better when they are not shivering :)

Q: What's the youngest age you teach?

A: 24 months old. Swim lessons at an earlier age is great (and until this year, we started kiddos at 14 months) but out of respect for our neighbors, we have decided to raise the age to 2 years old for lessons at our home. Attachment/seperation anxiety is such a cause of crying in children under 2. Most times it’s not that they are crying because of swimming, it’s just that they want one of their parents.

Q: Do you give a guarantee?

A: This is a hard question to answer, but we understand the reason you might ask it. Many parents have spent years doing weekly swim lessons at another swim program and they want results! Just like a gymnastics teacher can’t guarantee a back handspring and a baseball teacher can’t guarantee a home run, we can’t guarantee that you child will swim the length of the pool on their own at the end of two weeks. We don't do guarantees, but we make every effort to get incredible results. Our model is to absolutely maximize what your kiddo can learn in the two weeks instead of dragging on lessons at a lower rate for months and years on end. We can assure you that we've never had anyone not satisfied at the end of our swim lessons. If anything, I think we exceed expectations for what can be accomplished in two weeks. Yelp reviews might help to compare swim schools, hope that helps!

Q: What do we need to bring on the first day of lessons? 

A: Please have students in their swimsuit, bring a towel, put on some oil-free sunscreen, and if you have a toy that is water-safe and sinks, please bring that too.  Rashguards (the longsleeve water shirts) are amazing and help keep swimmers warm. Please do NOT bring floaties or goggles. (Goggles can be discussed with our instructors, but are not allowed at the first several lessons.)

Q:  What is my role as a mom or dad? 

A:  Your role is to be an encourager and cheerleader from the sidelines!  We love parents that clap and cheer and reinforce the victories.  In many cases, we are your child's very first teacher, so anything you can do outside of the pool to encourage good listening is very helpful. A simple thumbs up from the sidelines goes such a long way!

Q: Will my child cry?

A: Maybe. Separation anxiety is especially hard for 2 and 3 year olds. We are a new teacher and it takes a couple days to build trust. Some kids never cry. Some kids cry for the first 5 days and then get breakthrough. We are committed both safety and enjoyment of the water. That being said, sometimes we have to work through extreme fear and there are tears anytime fear is confronted. We are here to guide and give skills so that fear melts away and turns to enjoyment!

Q: If I'm unable to make it to a lesson, can someone else bring my child to their swim lesson?

A:  Absolutely.  Grandparents, nannies, and friends are common.  We just ask that you convey to them the expectation of minimal feedback from the 'sidelines'.  In some cases, the instructor might need to send away an adult if their presence is more of a distraction than a help. Also please be courteous if you need to bring siblings to class.

Q: How and when should I pay for lessons?

A: Deposits are required once a lesson has been booked- details will be sent to you via email. Payment in full is due by Thursday of the first week of lessons.  Cash and checks are great.  Checks can be made payable to 'Alli Jo's Swim School'. Please do not pay the balance of swim tuition using the CashApp.

Q: Do you give a military discount? A sibling discount?

A: We LOVE our military service members! In fact, we were a Navy family for years.  That being said, the only discount we give is for twins or other multiples!

All instructors are Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors.